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  • Pasio 15 - application example electric armature
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  • Pasio 15 - application example electric armature
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PASIO 15 – Sturdy foundations for increased precision

Variable and versatile

The benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable setup of the rotor
  • Clear display of the measurement planes
  • Maximum measurement accuracy
  • Flexible drive technology

The central machine frame on the Pasio 15 is made of mineral casting. This modern material dampens vibrations up to 10 times more effectively than grey cast iron and is therefore perfectly suited for use on a balancing machine. The machine is substantially less sensitive to interfering outside influences, and does not require its own foundations. The ecological balance of mineral casting is also impressive. Far less energy is required for its production than for the production of steel or cast iron parts. In addition, the material can be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner either through recycling or at landfill sites.

All the parts in the test chamber are non-magnetic, meaning that you can also balance magnetic rotors such as permanent magnetic rotors correctly without any additional investment. Energy-efficient servo drives reduce the power consumption and permit a short measuring cycle.

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