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  • Pasio 50 - application example electric armature
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  • Pasio 50 - application example electric armature
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PASIO 50 SC – Balancing of drive elements down to gears

The universal solution for a wide range of rotors

Prepared for the Future!

The new Pasio 50SC is a future-proof balancing solution, is fully prepared for the digitalized world. It enables flexibility to changing conditions over time by means of:

  • Easy integration into existing production control systems
  • Improved design concept offering simpler safer operation and ergonomic handling
  • Operater guidance offering optimized balancing process

The Pasio 50 enables accurate balancing of a wide range of rotors. Cylindrical rotors with their own shaft journals as well as disc type rotors with intermediate shafts can be balanced simply and accurately. The rotor can weigh up to 50 kg, with a diameter up to 600 mm and a length up to 1000 mm.

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