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  • Pasio 50 - application example electric armature
  • Pasio 50 - application example crankshaft
  • Pasio 50 - application example grinding wheel
  • Pasio 50 - application example electric armature
  • Pasio 50 - easy operation without tools

PASIO 50 SC – Flexibility and versatility

The benefits at a glance:

  • Easy transport
  • Rapid commissioning
  • No expensive foundations required
  • Reduced space requirement

The PASIO is designed to be transported by crane and is, therefore, easy to transport and commission: a forklift truck or lifting trolley and a power supply connection are all that is needed. Simply lift, position where required for your operating processes, remove the transport safety devices and connect the power supply – finished: no foundations, no waiting times, low costs. And so that the PASIO still cuts a good figure when it has found its place, we have reduced the space requirement by 40 to 60% in comparison to a conventional balancing machine – which also saves costs and facilitates your space planning.

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