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CAB 820: Easy operation, accurate unbalance measurement



  • Measurement of the dynamic unbalance in 2 planes or the static and couple unbalance
  • Automatic tolerance comparison
  • Tolerance calculation acc. the current ISO 1940
  • Graphic and digital display
  • Component display for symmetric distribution
  • Mean value formation of the measurement values over time
  • Balancing protocol (configurable in advance, for complete balancing runs)
  • Single compensation, key compensation, balancing by 180ยบ indexing
  • Drive control for automatic measuring processes
  • Drive control for automatic indexing of machines for a maximum rotor weight of up to 15 kg
  • Recovery USB stick

The first time you work with this basic measuring unit, you will discover that even at this entry level you receive a first class product combined with plenty of operating convenience, and all of this at an excellent price/performance ratio. This measuring unit is the right solution if you wish to achieve your company's balancing targets quickly and efficiently. Because the CAB 820 is directly derived from our optimal measuring unit, it contains many genes from the more expensive product. This starts with the extremely simple and much praised operation through to the excellent precision right up to its exceptionally high accuracy. This product is perfect for all horizontal and vertical balancing machines.

The CAB 820 grows with the demands placed upon it. If your balancing tasks become more and more complex and demanding over time, you can easily upgrade your CAB 820 into our reference measuring unit CAB 920 SmartTouch.

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